The Razz of a New Dawn



Here we are, boys and girls.

It’s the start of a new generation. We’ve got a fresh meta, fresh players. Exciting things are happening, and they need solid coverage.

In the past, I’d have written for Nugget Bridge. Unfortunately, however, NB’s past its golden era and now more closely resembles a nugget you’d find in a cat litter box.

We needed something new; something fresh; something juicy. And then it struck me: instead of writing for Nugget Bridge, or indeed anywhere else, why don’t I just have my own blog? Unfiltered, unmoderated, content straight for your perusal, baked right here on my mum’s front room floor, which is my house now. (long story lol. god.)

So it’s the Razz of a new dawn: fruity coverage of a fruity game, from the fruitiest possible man for the job.

Competitive Pokémon’s freshest blog is here, and it’s called the Razz.



Author: Zog

Pokémon author, player, visionary: the original VGC vagabond.

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